A1 Game Reports

Round 15

Berwick vs Dandenong

A rather cold windy afternoon seems like that’s always the case whenever the boys take on Dandenong. Steve Hughes starting on the hill looking to get another win against Berwick’s biggest rival the Angels. The dodger bats where unfortunately not as hot as we would have liked them to be and weren’t able to back Steve and give him the run support he needed. Steve collier and Cam Gibbens both come in relieve for Steve Hughes. The highlight for the game was big William Day hitting a mammoth bomb and then soon later in his next at bat breaking his bat in 2 with a bat that is so called meant to be unbreakable. Tough loss for the boys looking to knock off Cheltenham this following weekend.


Round 14

Berwick vs Frankston

 After a tough loss a couple of weeks to Frankston the boys are looking for revenge. JJ is taking the hill and looking for a win. Nice hot day for the boys bat to fire up after a couple tough games the previous weeks. JJ pitched 6 innings for 4 hits and 3 earned runs and then Stevo coming in to shut them out. Hitting was led by Stevo 4, Clark 3, JJ and Aaron Sam 2, and 1 each to brad, Gibbo, Boof and Fuzz good overall win by the boys

The match report for Round 13 is coming, please stay tuned…….

Round 12
It was a cold winters day with temperatures set to reach a comfortable 6 degrees the Dodgers ventured out to Mornington home of the Pirates, with JJ getting the start the young Dodger lineup was confident behind JJ aka “foss” or “grandpa”. With an error and a few hits in the top of the first the Dodgers were down by a few runs (possibly 2 or 3), but we weren’t worried, facing some good pitching the dodgers came back in the fourth to make it a 4-1 ballgame. We fast forward to the 7th inning young Steve Hughes was handed the ball, with some previous clutch hitting and good base running we had narrowed the deficit to 1, onto the next inning 2 out runner on second still a 1 run ballgame the table was set for Aaron Ouwehand aka (captain clutch) coming in to face the ferocious James Darcy, Aaron isn’t worried, first pitch fastball shot straight back up the middle, some say he hit it so well the ball still hasn’t landed.. but anyway run scores and we head into the bottom on the ninth tied ballgame, due to the light issues we were not going to be able to continue into extra innings so we were trying to secure the draw, but in with some bad calls and non-execution the dodgers would give up the winning run, a good ballgame with good lessons to be learnt!

– Captain Clutch

Round 10

Pumas 7 Dodgers 1
It was a dark week for the Dodgers going down to the pakenham pumas 7-1. Our
pitches struggled finding zone as JJ and Steve Collier had to battle in the
windy conditions. Hits were few and far between for the Dodgers with only 4
hits for the day with the pumas Matt chilcott holding us to 1 run through 6
and then the pumas import closing out. The Dodgers seemed a little scattered
and out of focus for the week. A big positive for the Dodgers was an error
free game! 
Hope to see the boys pick it up for next weekends double dip!

Round 9

Another beautiful day down at the Dodger dome. Coming off a tough loss the week before,  we had another big challenge in Dingley.  With Irvo starting for them and Steve Hughes for the good guys it was going to be a good game. The Dodger bats got going early putting on 2 runs in the 2nd.  Steve got off to a good start throwing 5 scoreless innings.

Heading into the 6th still 2-0 Steve stumbled a little giving up 2 but the Dodgers struck back straight away with a solo Homerun to JJ  taking the lead 3-2. Scott (the mullet) Simpson took over and threw a tidy scoreless inning.  Scores remained close until we scored another 3 in the 8th by some good hitting by the bottom of the order taking the lead 6-2. Liam Madden was called to the hill to throw the last 2 only giving up 1 unearned run and the game finished in a 6-3 win too the good guys.


Don’t forget the Gala night is coming up, be sure to purchase your tickets, we don’t ask a lot of our players so please purchase one.

Round 8
Cheltenham game

· The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the bats were jumping in the racks in what looked to be a great day for baseball against the Cheltenham Rustlers. Being the first game back from a week off and with JJ returning the dodgers were looking to keep momentum swinging there way. The starters for the match up were Aaron Ouwenhand and Jack Enciondo.

The rustlers were the first to score plating two in the second and one in the third off some timely hitting. Pitch counts limited Aaron’s day on the mound coming out in the third after a good outing.

The Dodger bats woke up in the fourth plating three runs and tying the game with hits from Boof and Clarky and a walk from Sam. However a strong Cheltenham lineup could not be held at bay plating two more runs in the fifth.

From then on the game turned into a pitchers duel with no runs being scored an unfortunate dodger loss going down 3-5. Well done in relief to Steve Hughes, JJ and great job to Liam in his first outing for the A1s throwing in relief.

Round 7
Dandenong game

It was a dewy typical melbourne winter day down at the Dandenong Angel baseball club in what was a game that nobody wanted to lose. Whilst missing the likes of JJ, Sam and Fuzz the potent dodger lineup was boosted by the season debuts of Ferret and Pricey. Looking to get out to an early lead the dodgers struck first with a double to Clarky and in his first at bat back a RBI single to Pricey putting the good guys up 1-0.

Steve Hughes was given the start on the mound and looked to silence the Dandenong bats. After putting them down in order in the first the Angels bats put up a four spot in the second in what was an exciting game.

The dodgers replied in the fourth with two runs of the back of hits from Alex, Ferret, Will and Aaron. Steve had also settled in on the mound only giving up a further two hits after the second with his impressive day ending in the seventh and eventually coming away with the win.

The dodger bats plated a further six runs over the sixth and seventh innings to lead the game 9-4. Steve Hughes was relieved by Steve Collier who shut down the back end of the game for a good dodger win.

In what was considered a noble move by many Alex Clark decided to keep the “poo rag” after a poo worthy performance and will be back for the next report

Round 6
Berwick 5 defeats Frankston 3

Another great win to the incredibly handsome and star studded Dodgers turn out this week at the Dodger Dome, with a close fought victory over Frankston.

The juggernaut Stevo again started on the mound sending shivers down the knee shacking Frankston team. Throwing hard and looking to squash the aptly named Tomatoes he made them look decidedly ripe for the first few innings. Dodgers looked competitive and seemed to have the upper hand early until the Top of the 4th when Frankston scored 2.

A couple of the older dudes, some of which are nearing on ancient at the grand old age of 20ish or so came out for Berwick in the Bottom of the 4th with some hard hitting and scored 3 of our own to take a 3 – 2 lead.

Top of the 5th saw Alex Da Silva in his 1st game of the season come in to relieve Stevo. Thunderbolts flew through the air as the Tomatoes struggled to hold their composure. They remained 1 down until the Top of the 7th where, “truss” the Tomatoes, they scored. With 1 runner in, bases loaded and 2 out, the rotten Tomatoes looked to strike a blow to the young and talented Dodgers. With a crack of the bat the ball travelled at lightning speed through the infield heading for left. As if with wings of an angle the stumpy little legs of Boof launched him into the air as he sailed toward 2nd. Like a guided missile launcher, he locked his radar onto the ball in flight and tracked it to his glove landing somewhere close to the milk bar before rising to the cheers of the crowd and leaving the game locked at 3 – 3.

Bottom of 7. Berwick had their opportunities to gain the upper hand but the Tomatoes “puree” talent shone through on occasion resulting in the scores remaining level going into the 8th.

Top of the 8th and with yet another dazzling coach’s move from the Master himself, Dan makes a pitching change. With the swag of 10 men, big Steve Collier struts to the mound. Yet another angry ranga on the team he went to work putting the fear of God into the hapless Tomatoes keeping them scoreless.

Bottom of the 8th saw the Berwick bats burst into action, and combined with some exceptional base running, (mainly from he who shall remain nameless), saw the mighty Dodgers score 2 and regain the lead,  5 – 3  going into the 9th.

Top of 9 and up steps Steve Collier. Blazing right hand pitcher, flaming red hair. With a masterful display of pitching, throwing down just 11 pitches, he squashes the Tomatoes into Ketchup to the adulation of his adoring fans. The Young, Handsome, extremely talented Dodgers hold fast against “The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” for a well earned victory.



Round 5

Round 5
Berwick 4 def Mornington 3
After a good win down at Boneo it was good to be back playing at the dodger dome looking for a win against the strong Mornington team. Steve started on the mound against the pirates and got into some trouble early but ended up throwing five innings for 3 unearned then Aaron came on in the 6th and threw 3 strong innings for us keeping the pirate bats quiet and then Steve collier came to throw the 9th and 10thinning to shut down the pirates and only keep them to 3 runs. The bats didn’t start working as early as we wanted but when it came down to the wire in the bottom of the 9th and we were down by 2 runs we happened to get the job done sending the game into extras. In the bottom of the 10th we had strung a few hits together and then clarky coming to the plate with the winning run at second base he got the job done hitting the ball to the outfield and bringing the winning run across the plate to give us the win. All up it was a good effort by all the boys to tough it out late in the game. Dodgers win 4-3 in 10 innings.


Round 4
It was a cold, windy, and rainy morning. May 9th, 2015: a date that the Berwick Dodgers A1 ballclub will never forget.


It started out like any other road-trip game: hitting at the club, car-pooling, group Subway eating.  We set out from Berwick at around 12:30pm on that fateful day with full stomachs and with hearts full joy. Neither would last long, although no one knew it yet.


As our convoy rolled down Besgrove Street towards the fabled Olympic Park, home of the Boneo Braves, I could see the opposition already running, stretching and throwing. One particular player caught my eye: he was small but fit looking, and as I watched him dash and sprint around the field, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that something was not quite right about him. I will never be sure if it was his shifty eyes or stupid face, but something was off.


We warmed up as a team, Boof wearing the Poo-Rag for this week. Our warm up was the same, but there was a chill in the air that I felt in my bones. I could tell from some of the looks that passed between the boys that they felt it too.


The baseball game started with some peaks and valleys, a few of us looking silly against Boneo’s ace. After a few innings we had knocked some balls around and managed to get the score pointing our direction at 4 – 2.


Aaron had settled in on the hill, mowing down Braves wobbly-knee after wobbly-knee. All signs seemed to be showing a happy day on all fronts for the boys in Dodger blue. Above our heads, storm clouds were gathering.


At long last, the Boneo flame-thrower was yanked from the mound. Finally the Dodger bats would surely come alive! In relief, the young short-stop stood ready to pitch. I think some things happened, maybe a few innings, but we scored some runs, Hooray!


Despite this small flurry of runs, I think it is safe to say that the game was very much in the balance. Real stressful, tense stuff. Hard-line baseball, tough ABs. when the game was at its zenith, with the crowd about to tear the fence down in excitement, the Dodgers’ scrappy, handsome (but rugged) second basemen took his place in the batter’s box.


I don’t want to overstate the scene because I know that we wouldn’t enjoy the fanfare, but at that moment, it was almost as though the whole world stopped to watch this beautiful moment. Something great was about to happen.


First pitch: strike! That pitch just hasn’t something that the batter could handle. He would wait for the perfect pitch, as he always did….patiently aggressive.


Second pitch: ball! Patient, patient.


Watching him stand there as the third pitch made its way towards the plate, we could see and feel the batter’s eyes light up, and his muscles coil ready to spring to life. The ball came hurtling in at approximately 89mph (at probably chin level), and the beast was released! The crack of the bat was like no other sound in this world:  a mixture of Thor building furniture and a pipe bomb.


Shouts of “oh my god!” and “I can’t believe my eyes!” were heard all around the stadium during the ball’s magical flight through the air towards the seats in left field. Nobody was paying any attention to the shifty looking left fielder chasing down this rocket, after all, the ball was surely going to land half way back to Berwick!


And then…… an unnatural wind began howling in from left field, making every effort to kill this ball mid-flight. As the batter’s gleeful eyes followed the ball downwards into the glove the fielder, he experienced a wild rollercoaster of emotion. He had hit the longest ball ever hit, then it was caught!, but ha! he was well past the cones! Hooray! but wait, there seems to be talk of an out! Lies! Lies from all over the field! Grant and Red were seen running towards the field from the canteen with shouts of “Homerun! Homerun!”, but alas, they would never be heard…….


And so it was that the sport of baseball lost one of its grander moments. A small part of the sport died right there at Boneo, and so too did a large piece of the second baseman’s heart, soul, and spirit. Those who knew him then and still know him now will tell you that he was never quite the same after that day.


Aaron was too upset about the whole thing and could not continue on the mound. Steve Hughes came in for relief and was majestic. Lil’ Jess came on after him with an eye to avenge the wrong doing and set the record straight. After 2 hits, he saw his chance: the Braves best hitter was up. And BAM! Got him right in the arm! 91mph heater straight to the body! Ouch! Tempers flared immediately and voices were raised. It all cooled down, and the good guys from Dodger town came away from the game with a hard-earned victory.


During this game we also saw the Dodger’s newest recruit Matthew Irving take his first AB in the new colours, and he took a walk……boo!


Jack Stanton will wear the Poo-Rag for next week’s game for trying really hard during warm-up and his friends don’t appreciate it.


Round 3

It was a great day for baseball at the dodger dome and we were looking forward to playing a strong Pakenham side.

Steve Hughes had a blinder of a game, pitching 5 innings and keeping Pakenham scoreless. He also backed it up with the bat including a couple of hits with a great day out.

Our senior boys Sam, JJ, andy, and fuzz lead the way with the bats, showing us young ones how it’s done.

Cam gibbons took to it to the mound taking over from Steve pitching very well keeping the pakky boys to no runs.

We were strong in our offence and backed it up with great defence.
Dodgers win 13-0 in 7 innings.

Great job boys lets keep it up.

From boof

Round 2
Dingley 10 to Berwick 4
Round 2
The Dodger lads make there way down to dingley to take on one of there top competitors, being a pretty cold dark afternoon. Anzac Day is an important day in Australian history and was an honour to play on such an event. Aaron didnt mess around on the mound keeping it a close game keeping the hitters on their toes with catcher Sam Beasley. Pitching solid 4 innings with a 4-2 lead. Cam Gibbens come in relief and pitched 2 great innings for his first outing in the A grade. A couple of errors in the field didn’t help the Dodgers and Dingoes soon took the lead. John O’Connor Jr come into pitch and had some tightness, was pulled from the game taking no risks. Alex Clark then came to the rescue and helped the club out. End score line 10-4 to Dingley. Disappointing after an early 4-1 lead.
Next week we take on Pakenham at home, to get above 500 ball. Benny did reassure myself that the A2 won..
Brad got the belated “Dewrag” and will be wearing it for the A1 game, winner next game gets the match report and the honour of wearing the “Dan Betreen swiping bags Dewrag”.

Condolences to our much loved Team Manager/ babysitter Mandi on her loss, we wore black arm bands for both games.

ps Brad horrible effort on the report, lots of editing and to be done!