Contributions are WELCOME !!!

If you wish to contribute a story or a report or even a photo or two, please send them in. If there’s room, we will load it onto the site quickly. See details below regarding formats etc…


Documents,stories etc.

If you have an article to send in, perhaps a report about a game or other news that might be interesting, please e-mail to the webmaster in a word document format. This enables editing etc. if required. If you wish to use another program or such the webmaster’s address is:

Photos and images:

If you wish to send in some photos or images, the procedures are much the same. Try to save the photographs in a .jpg (jpeg) format as the photos are not going to be displayed up on a wall or such, see if you can condense the images. This will just save time downloading them !! Images in .gif format can also be used. Just attach these to an e-mail as above and we may be able to use them on the site.

Please note: By downloading any images to us it is assumed that you have ownership and any necessary copyright privileges on those images. We will not be responsible for any liabilities from articles posted on this site that are not owned by the contribute or with necessary permissions.