C2 Berwick Grey Game Reports

Round 5

Coming off last weeks draw with our clubmates Berwick Blue, we headed down to Sweeney Reserve to set-up for a game against Pakenham White for the Clutterbuck Cup, with their Clutterbuck, Gregg, coming up against our Clutterbuck, Harry.

After giving up a run in the first, we scored three in our half with two-outs to get the early advantage.  Hollywood had his first hit for the season, a Dubbo to right, and was followed by hits by Ben Kalfallah and Richard Fyshwick and good AB’s from Gregory and Larry.

Following a scoreless second, our defense fell apart in the third as we gave up seven runs on the back of numerous errors, which led to us chasing on the scoreboard for the rest of the day.

We answered with a couple of runs after Brandon Iron and Hollywood (another Dubbo) scored with Ben KalFallah driving in the latter.  Elsewhere, over the course of the game, Harry got his first hit for the season and Randy Rubbler had his first hit, but the one bad innings was too much to overcome as Pakenham claimed a deserved Clutterbuck Cup victory.
Final Score: Berwick Grey 5 lost to Pakenham White 10

Hits: 2 – Frankie Denman (2 x 2b), 1 – Ben KalFallah, Brandon Iron, Harry Heinous, Randy Rubbler.

With Thanks: To Darryl Rosewall for umpiring the game. Your time was much appreciated.
Baking: A liquid refreshment for the boys yesterday.  I believe there were five Buds and a Tip?

The Lazy: Fyshwick, for forgetting the salty.

The Sabrina Taylor:  Goes to our newbie Alex, who not only took an excellent catch in left field to start an awesome double play, but his admission after the game was, well…worthy of the award on its own.

The Salty: Several nominees, but Larry gets it for the helmet into the side netting after a groundout, beating out Frankie and William for the award on the day.

Next week: we take on the other Pakenham side as we get Tyronne and Peter back in the line-up.

Round 2

Berwick 2 lost to Dandenong 4

Late entrants to the new season, the C2 Greys took on Dandenong in their first game of the season, with a four former players from the club returning to the Dodgerdome, while a couple of newbies to the club suited up for the team for the first time.

Dandenong scored a couple of runs in the first innings and another couple in the sixth, however aside from that, some good defence held the Angels off the board for the rest of the game.  Adam ‘Duke’ Black was solid at shortstop, new comer Brandon ‘Ironman’ Mize took a couple of nice fly balls, while Omar ‘Ben Kal’ Fallah and the returning Gavin ‘T-Bags’ Devonshire combined with Steve ‘Stevie J’ behind the plate for a fine play from the outfield to get the runner at home by several feet.

With the bats, given several players have not played in some time, it was perhaps not too surprising that we struggled against a young pitcher who can, does and will pitch in many grades higher than the C2 division for the rest of the series, but for the most part we made some contact, with a hit over the head of the centre fielder from ‘Ben Kal’ driving in Markus ‘Maple Leaf Muscle’ in the second innings, while ‘Duke’ scored on a ground out by the ‘Ironman’ in the last as the games two-hour time limit expired.

In all, a 4-2 defeat in such circumstances was an excellent effort and the performance was certainly something the team can build-on for the next game in two-weeks time against our fellow clubmates, Berwick Blue.

Final Score: Berwick 2 lost to Dandenong 4

Hits: Omar Fallah (double), Adam Black (double), Gavin Devonshire (not a double).

Baking: With Steve Smith up in the C1, we don’t have the luxury of Rachelle’s fine baking this season, so Angie stepped-up first with a fine batch of Rocky Road that was incredibly well received by the team, and by the C1 team, especially Quinny who said “I was really hoping these would get around to me.”  Attaboy Quinny!!


The Lazy: Went to Jordie. No explanation necessary.

The Sabrina Taylor: Went to Omar for his double over the centre fielders head and for his relay throw home in the eighth to get the runner to keep the game close.  Well done ‘Benny Kal’

The Salty: It was always going to be a left-hander who threw the first glove of the season and T-Bags, who missed a ball that bounced awkwardly off the rough outfield duly saluted with a glove throw.  Not as bad as his one a few years ago in Dandenong, but a solid start to the season.